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Allison Lanager

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Who am I?

I am a Master's student at Florida International University, though my hometown is a small place in Pennsylvania called Clearfield. Most people have no idea where that is, but if you've heard of Penn State, it's about 45 minutes from there. Wow, what a difference Miami is! No snow. No mountains. No cows. Come to think of it, I don't miss the cows very much.

I intend to work in gaming, which has recently become a billion-dollar industry. I think of it like working for the movie industry, except with more caffeine. I would like to work with encounters, and the evolution of artificial intelligence within games, but my long-term goal is to eventually form a partnership with a university in order to allow interested students to intern.

I did not honestly realize the importance an internship could have until I experienced one, and it is something that is sorely lacking in the gaming industry. It helps you build confidence that the degree you hold will enable you to tackle any problem, and, more importantly, it lets you experience the job before committing your life to it. I intend to make this experience available for those interested in the field, but for now I am building my knowledge on any topic I can in order to make sure I succeed.