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Allison Lanager :: Blog :: Project Proposal

May 09, 2008

Student Name: 

Allison Lanager

Supervisor’s Name and Title at FIU/FAU:

Dr. Masoud Sadjadi, Assistant Professor

Name of the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:

Universidad de Guadalajara

Supervisor’s Name and Title at the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:

Dr. Hector Alejandro Durán Limón, Research professor Titular A

Project Title:

Grid WRF Portal

Problem Statement:

Currently, before a meteorologist can begin analyzing data provided by WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting), they must first compile and install the program on their own.  This can be a tedious process, taking valuable time away from their research, and forces the meteorologist to act as a computer scientist.  Also, unless they have a large cluster at their disposal, they cannot get very accurate results.  The goal of the portal is to provide indirect access to a grid-enabled WRF system, allowing the users to run their ensembles easily and receive high-resolution output without ever having to set up WRF on their own.

Motivation and Impact:

Enabling meteorologists to quickly build accurate forecasting models has large benefits for society--especially here in South Florida.  By giving meteorologists access to WRF via a web portal, they can begin running simulations without taking the time to learn how to set up the system.  This gives them more time to generate experiments, and most importantly, evaluate their results.  The fact that the version of WRF that they will be interacting with is grid-enabled, allows them to run high-resolution simulations, which will result in more accurate forecasts faster than they could previously.  Eventually, these results can be used to provide businesses with accurate forecast data for their locations, or by emergency management personnel to analyze the potential impact of a storm.

Current Status:

The Portal itself is only one part of an ongoing project at FIU, which various teams being assigned to research including job-flow management, Meta-scheduling, profiling, and remote access via the WRF Portal.  The Portal's project roadmap has been created, and its general purpose has been designed, and some preliminary work has been done.  NOAA has also recently announced a beta for a WRF Portal which is available on the web; however, this application requires that you have access to a machine which has WRF compiled on it.

Research Roadmap:

The goal of this summer's research is to complete as much of WRF Portal .5 as possible.  This will be accomplished by doing the following tasks as the project term progresses:

  •     Provide a simple website that facilitates configuration of WRF simulations
  •     Add functionality to portal that enables the sending of a job
  •     Visualization of job output
  •     Add sessions and logon capability to website
  •     Begin work on ensemble enablement (WRF Portal 1.0)
  •     Write on research findings

Relation to PIRE Core Research Projects:

The WRF Portal fits soundly into the "Hurricane Mitigation Applications" in the CI Application Layer.  This web application will give meteorologists access to tools which will allow them to make more accurate hurricane forecasts in less time.

Keywords: grid-enabled wrf portal pire fiu

Posted by Allison Lanager

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