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Andrew Allen :: Blog :: Goiania Brazil - Week 1

June 05, 2010

It's my first week here in Goiania and it has been a hectic as first weeks are.It began with a 8:40pm departure from Miami and a 5:30 am landing in Sao Paulo. It was raining and cold which went against my preconcieved ideas about brazilian weather. A few hours later I was in Goiania with the sun and not a single cloud in the sky. I was told that it was "winter" here, but in Goiania this was their dry season so it doesn't rain.

My apartment is in the city but I have not had an opportunity to see much of the city as yet. But so far my interactions with the people here have been good and everyone has been helpful and open.

UFG is just outside of the city and is in the midst of an facilities expansion. One of the new buildings will be for the Instituto de Informática and everyone here is looking forward to it's completion. They have a lot of monkeys here on campus and I have been advised not to walk around with food in my hand because the monkeys will try to take it :).

I was taken to to the "Memorial do Cerrado", an outdoor natural museum. Goias is pratically in the center of the cerrado region and the memorial showcases what life was like centuries ago in this area. It also includes indigenous amimals and art from the region. Thankfully I remembered to carry my camera that day! 

My Guide for the day, Phillipe, Dr. Costa's son

A replica of a town square centries ago

The muses of the cerrago

Ex-Slave Village

Old Indian Village

Replica of a outpost for cowboys


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