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October 01, 2010

I had the chance to be in Spain at the FIFA World Cup . I have been lucky, as the people in Yahoo were very interested in Soccer. So there are always some discussions about the games and results. They also go from time to time to the chiringuitos (bars near the beach) to watch the Spain Game. In other cases you can go to a bar and sit there to watch the game.

 Next day I get to the final. The fan zone was in the Paseo de Recoletos, where they set some big screens and a party. They said that there were 250 thousand people in that spot.



Probably the best way to feel the experience is with some videos. The first video is the final moments of the match and the second one is the people singing the Spain Anthem after they won. I think this was the moment that I find the atmosphere more impressive. I had a good spot close to the screen, but still I miss the goal. The reaction was so crazy that people just hug, jump, and scream for 40 seconds.



The last set is the celebration pictures. There were people from Alcala to the Puerta of Sol and from Neptune to Colon. Celebration last until 3-4 am. They say that half a million people go out to celebrate the victory. The next day the TV was full of programs talking about the title.



Advice: go to Brazil in 2014 :D

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