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Eduardo Ruiz :: Blog :: Barcelona Events

October 01, 2010


There were some events when I was around the city. In June there was the San Juan Day. On this night people celebrate the beginning of the summer. Basically people go around bonfires to eat coca ( a local meal), drink and play some music. Kids play with fireworks and people go to the ocean to give thanks to San Juan. I forgot my camera and I am still regretting about it.

The second event called Night at Montjuic was a series of free concert in the Park. All the concerts were free and have different styles. In the pictures you can some captures. In the middle of the summer I find several minor events. It was not strange to walk around seeing some street artists or some random street theaters.







The last event that I had the chance to go was the Fiesta of Gracia. This is the local party of this district and is probably the biggest one after San Juan. The neighbors decorate the streets and have a contest. The party lasts for a full week and there are concerts all around the place.

Advice: If you go in summer, please be aware of San Juan. It’s a good time to go and see the spirit of the city. Barceloneta is very crowded so you can go to the beaches at the north near el Maresme.

If you have a chance to go to Barcelona you must notice that drinking is very common and not as restricted as in the US. Wine and beer is served at lunch and you can find cañas  almost everywhere (including McDonald). Please remember to be responsible.

Posted by Eduardo Ruiz

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