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October 01, 2010


This is the name adopted by the people of Yahoo. I will certainly have great memories of this laboratory and thee people.

Yahoo! Barcelona is the second biggest lab after the one in California. The research areas include Information Retrieval, Natural Language and Distributed System.

For privacy reasons I cannot define the particular research but I can say that the people are of the highest quality and make good quality research. Their philosophy is what they call mid-term research with ideas that can be applied to their technology but they also solve or study problems with some novelty.

One of the most interesting things is the collaborative work atmosphere inside the lab. Researches collaborate with ideas in several papers and this form of work allows very good sessions of brain-storming. This experience shows me a lot on how quality researchers create ideas. The lab also has a good equilibrium between academia/industry, giving a feeling to be working in something useful but at the same time with some of the freedom of an academic environment.

Some of the interesting people in the laboratory are: the head of the lab Ricardo Baeza Yates, Estefania and of course my advisors Aris and Chato. All the people were really supportive during the whole process and all of them help me a lot to reach my goals. I only have a picture with Chato as Aris was in vacations at the time




In the lab I had chances to interact with Hadoop. Yahoo has one of the greatest cluster in Hadoop and map-reduce is used extensively in the research and development. I had a chance to work with gigabytes of data and learned a lot on how to deploy map-reduce processes. The quantity of data helps me to become a better programmer.

The office is located in one of the best areas in Barcelona, near the Agrawal building. The office is close to the metro, the tram, the best malls and one of the best places to walk. The building (Mediapro building) is one of the sparse skyscrapers in the city. Around the area there are a lot of restaurants. The good/bad things are the long lunches that take from 1 to 1 hour and half. The slow pace can make people crazy but also give you a chance to meet the other interns.





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Posted by Eduardo Ruiz

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