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Eduardo Ruiz :: Blog :: Around Barcelona

October 01, 2010

 Very close to our apartment is the Sans Station. This is the main hub for the Renfe and Rodavias Catalonia. From here you can take trains to the cities that are near Barcelona and know the rest of Catalonia. The trips are not as expensive and you can go and visit the city in one day.

I had the chance to visit two cities. The first one was Sitges. This is a city very close to Barcelona that has a lot of life in summer. With a very cool beach and a cozy city center, it is a good place to go for a quick bath on weekends (30 minutes and about 6 Euros). The place is not as popular for locals but I still have a good time walking around.


The second city that I visit was Girona. Located in the north, the city has a spectacular city center with a lot of history. With a wonderful cathedral and a more impressive wall you can spend several hours walking in the history. The city center also has a lot of stores so it works like a big mall from Monday to Saturday.


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Posted by Eduardo Ruiz

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