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Eduardo Ruiz :: Blog :: Week2: Flamenco and Tibidabo

June 26, 2011

This week I decided to slow down my pace a little bit. As I already know most of the city, I have not walked as much. I took some random trips to the Ramblas to watch the Indignados in Plaza Catalunya (a young political movement that is camping since March in there), or walk next to Port Olympic. Still I lose weight very fast when I am not driving:)

On Friday I got to see a Flamenco show. Probably Catalunya is not the best place to get a Paella or a Flamenco dance, but still we go to Tarantos. This place is located in Pla de Rei, near the Ramblas. It is very touristic and you can get the tickets online. The sessions started at 10 pm and each shows was about 1 hour. After that I got some beers around the gothic quarter.

On sunday I got to Tidibabo. This is the highest mountain around Barcelona and one with the best views. I decided to go walking but then I regreted and took the Funicular. In the top there is the Temple de Sagrat Cor, the Torre de Collserola and an amusement park with 100 years of history. I have some bad luck and the day was overcast. Still, here are some of the pictures:

Temple de Sagrat Cor

A view from the church

The carrousel and the church

The trademark ride of the park

The park

Work related, this has been a long week. I finished some extensions to the main code to support new kinds of tweeter graph. I also completed a broker simulator that will help to improve the evaluation section. I have been working around 8 hours daily Mon-Sat, but completely avoid the office on Sunday. That is the time I reserve for the long trips.

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