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Eduardo Ruiz :: Blog :: Week 3: San Juan and Beach

June 26, 2011

For the second year in a row, I have the chance to be in San Juan. This time I was prepared with a camera and a plan. Xabriel, Amanda and me made some plans to go and make a little picnic and drink some Sangria near the beach. Sadly my camera is not as good for night pictures so I can only post the ones that look better.


For Sunday, I did not had a plan. Walking around Bogatel I found that the day was gorgeous for the beach. So I got my towel and went there for the first time in two years. The water was very cold, but it was a goood day. In the office the weeks have been very productive, with most of the experiment finished. There is time for some final analysis and wrapping up the paper. Then we would be more focused on the experiments for the new project.

Posted by Eduardo Ruiz

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