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Eduardo Ruiz :: Blog :: Week4: Slow Progress

July 05, 2011

This week was not as productive as the previous one. Suddenly, I find myself well behind the schedule. Some of the problems are related with Hadoop setup. I believe that one year later, I would not have problems in this phase, but I get again overwhelmed by the number of parameters, and ways to set the classes, and libraries. One error was doing all this alone, instead of finding my way by asking to Carlos. I know he would help, But I prefer to avoid bothering with these small details. At least, now everything is up and running.

The goal of this week is to set an initial toy example that would motivate the rest of the work. I expect that I can show some figures in my weekly meeting and start with the algorithm development for the next 3 weeks. Time flies so fast and really makes me stressed. The experience is similar to last year and the same as other interns that come before me. Two months is not enough for all you want or need to do, and you struggle with time to have something done.

As you can see in Amanda and Xabriel’s blog, we took a full day trip to Montserrat. The trip is about 1 hour long and includes a small trip in a Cable car with some beautiful view to Lobregat river valley. There you will be surprised with a full city with a supermarket, post office and a bar. The city is surrounded with statues with religious motives, like the via cruxis, or important monks and nuns from Catalunya and Spain. In the church we had the chance to see the Moreneta, the Black Virgin that protects Catalunya.

We took a quick walking tour, always going down :D. We were lucky of having almost perfect weather, with the temperature in the low 70s and a visibility that goes forever. You can see some of the pictures here.

Sunday I decided to go to the Picasso Museum. As other people have told me, the entrance is free on the first Sunday of each month. You need to wait in a one hour long line to enter. Inside you can see the work of Picasso, sorted by year and place. This way to sort the collection helps to see the transitions in his styles and how he goes from a very classic style to varieties of other styles and techniques. The main collections are the ones from his first few years as a painter, the paints from the blue era and finally the Meninas collection, a series of paints based in "Las Meninas" from Diego Velasquez.

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