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Eduardo Ruiz :: Blog :: Week n-2

July 17, 2011

Advice for Sucess

One thing common in my two experiences here is having a person that I can access from time to time to discuss my advances instead of a single weekly meeting. I think this help to focus my task for a better productivity so I can come with results faster.Most of the interactions are related with: presenting my technical plan for the next two days (24 hours of programming can go a long way if the ideas are correct) present an idea or paper that I think is relevant or asking for access to a particular system or library that I need. Sometimes is in the middle of the week, is when experiment shows that the direction you are going is wrong and is time to set a new course.

I think a way to help the success for PIRE students, would be check that the students have this kind of second person or contact. Commonly the main contact is very busy or is taking (a well deserved) vacations on summer. Then the access for this contact can be just a short weekly meeting. I think access to a post doc, a second researcher or sending teams of students to work in the same project will definetely increase the chances of having better results.This could be more important for undergraduate students.

By the way, do not think this is a complain about my advisors :). All of then have been great in both opportunities. Is more a discussion of how helpful has been having this help and how can be something to be asked for new participants, as a way to guarantee better results and improve the research experience.

Spanish Guitar Concert

Barcelona is full of cultural events in summer. This includes Dance, Theater and Opera. Sometimes there is free concerts around the squares and streets. Most of the information could be found in the Barcelona Tourism website, or walking to the Palacio de la Virreina. Here you can find brochures with the events around Barcelona, and ask to the guides about it.

Yesterday, I start checking for a spanish guitar concerts around the city. The one that I found for the day was part of the series The Art of the Spanish Guitar: Concert and Wine. This concerts are held in Santa Ana, a gothic church very close to Plaza Catalunya. Information about the series:

Barcelonaturisme Info

I had the chance of see Alen Gagaric (http://www.alengaragic.com/). The program is about one hour with 4-5 songs. The artist describe each song shortly in both spanish and english. The program varies several styles with some classic guitar, flamenco based songs, modern/jazz style.There selection shows the multiple sounds richness of sounds than can be produce by the guitar, and also the artist. After the concert you can go outside and meet the artists. For more information abut the particular concert:


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