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Erik Northrop :: Blog :: Week 2 - Darmstadt, Germany

June 02, 2013


If this past week is any indication of how the rest of my time here will pass then the summer will be over before I know it. I have seen some new things but since there were two paper deadlines this week plus late night interviews via Skype, I was not able to do much in terms of exploration.

Earlier in the week, Schlossgrabenfest was being prepared. Thursday, May 30, was the first day of food, music, and friends. I was fortunate to visit once for lunch and again when I left the university for a light dinner. The fest is scheduled to run until Sunday so there will be further opportunities to meet and interact with people as best as I can. I am looking forward trying some of other food at the fest also. 


Being harassed by little kids and by that, I mean 5 year olds; they love me.


I am planning my trip to France in the next few weeks for the Tour de France. Once I finalize that part, I plan on using a Euro Pass to catch an ICE to first Berlin then other parts of Germany.  Making the plans is nothing more than a short-term to-do item. 


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