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Erik Northrop :: Blog :: Week 4 - Darmstadt, Germany

June 24, 2013


My new exercise time is my lunch hour and if todays run was an indication of what I have to look forward to, then I look forward to gaining back the sub-8 minute/mile 5k time I once held comfortably. 


This has been nothing but a working week for me. Unfortunately, I have not the time to do anyting besides research and... research. I did read some papers though!



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Clark, R. (2002). Six Principles of Effective e-Learning: What Works and Why. Strategies and Techniques for Designers, Developers, and Managers of eLearning, 1–9.

Kumaraguru, P., Sheng, S., Acquisti, A., Cranor, L. F., & Hong, J. (2007). Teaching Johnny Not to Fall for Phish, 1–18.


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