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Erik Northrop :: Blog :: Week 5 - Darmstadt, Germany

June 24, 2013


 This week, more work was accomplished on the project; one step forward and two steps in the direction of more work.

I discovered some very desirable things in Darmstadt with the help of a lab-mate this week. Being in the center of the city almost isolates a visitor from some of the surrounding attractions. These are things not covered in tour guides but that locals know very well. I will visit some of these places over the next few weeks, but research has taken the stage and will be the primary focus until I leave.



I bought a fan for my hotel. While this might not sound very great, it was indeed. This past week it was over 90 degrees and in Germany it is not uncommon for an establishment to not have air conditioning, my hotel included. By adding the fan to the mix, I successfully turned my room into a convection oven…how wonderful.


Since my time is now half over, I am beginning to feel the weight of what lies ahead and what must be finished before my departure. With that being said, I have not done much outside of working on my research projects, even during the evenings and weekends. Recognizing this unique opportunity, I will make an effort to break away.




The heat was terrible this past week, but otherwise everything is ok.



Today, this weekend, and the week to come will be spent working on my projects. Unfortunately, I do not have much time to travel or see new things at the moment. However, I am still seeking new places to eat and different ways of traveling from point A to B.



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