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Erik Northrop :: Blog :: Week 9 - SOUPS Newcastle, United Kingdom

July 22, 2013

I spent the week in Newcastle, UK attending the SOUPS conference. While I didn't present a paper, I did have two posters of ongoing work. The first work received little attention but the other caused more conversation I think because its a new idea and people had their own opinions about the point of the work. 

Newcastle is a great place to visit and I would recommend the Gin bar downtown. There is only one so it shouldn't be that hard to find. This place makes very nice handcrafted drinks with... you guessed it.. Gin. They will replace other main ingredients like vodka or whatever with Gin. I had just one sampling from their menu but it was quite lovely. 

If you plan on driving in the UK be prepared, thats all i can really say. At least for me, thinking about it doents seem that hard and its not, its just backwards. I did not drive but was a passenger instead and it was basically a nightmare. Use what you were borne with and just walk.

There are some excellent sites to see in Newcastle both historic and modern. Its also conveiently located close to Ireland and Scottland. I did not make either country but others at the conference did.

Overall, I had a great time in the city and at the conference. I made connections with industry professionaly and shared some very nice conversation with others. 

Posted by Erik Northrop

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