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Gabriel Lizarraga :: Blog :: Two weeks, already?

July 03, 2010

I can’t believe we are almost in week 3. Living in Brazil so far has been a great experience for me. I don’t think I will ever get tired of my view of the bay , and I know how much I will miss it once I return to the states.  Since last week I already feel like at home. I go to the market, buy my supplies, and even say hello to some people on the streets. I started jogging down the beach and become friends with most people at the lab.

I have arranged with some guys at the lab to go next week and register with the police. It looks like I need to gather some information before I go to avoid a second or a third trip. Hopefully is not as painful as the PIRE participants from last year mentioned.  

I started working on my PIRE project and also started contributing to another project Drs Clua is researching for Petrobras (Oil company in Brazil). It is very exciting as it combines several concepts of math and physics which are familiar to me.

I have taken way to many pictures to be able to process them, I will try to post some more during the week.


Posted by Gabriel Lizarraga

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