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Gabriel Lizarraga :: Blog :: Police Registration and research

July 12, 2010

This week I was finally able to register with the police. Monday morning I walked to a “cartorio” (notary public) at Icarai, to discover that cartorios don’t notarize foreign documents anymore.



I then walked to the police station but instead of returning north to Niterio I walked east  in the assumption that I should reach my destination faster. I was wrong. This city is located among mountains and I had to walk around quite a few of them before by mere luck arriving at the police station. But it was a positive experience as sometimes walking is the only way to get to know a city. 



Once there, I was instructed to a cartorio where I was able to notarize my documents, paid the fees at the bank and returned to the police station. However, I had to return the next day as the officer in charge of the fingerprints was not working that afternoon.  So, Tuesday afternoon I was able to finalize everything.

I am continuing my work on the FFT implementation for CUDA. The task seems harder than I though originally as getting the code to work is not difficult; however, getting to work efficiently takes a lot of trial an error. Hopefully by next week I will have a decent implementation. I am also helping with project regarding sound wave propagation based on a finite difference algorithm developed by Dr Paulius Micikevicius, published on GPGPU2, March 2009. The main issue we have right now is that we have no way to see if our implementation generates valid data as we don’t have a test case. Dr Esteban is trying to schedule a meeting next week to get data from Petrobras.


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