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June 22, 2010

Foot in mouth


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Wow! What a week.  Last week I was at Niagara Falls,  now I am seating in a balcony in Niteroi, Brazil with the most amazing view of Rio de Janerio. The flight went well, though I slept part of the trip as I only had one day to rest since my return from New York. Esteban picked us up from the airport, and drove us to the flat hotel.


Because we are in soccer season, and Brazilians are very particular about soccer, there have not been a lot of productive days. The day we arrived in Rio, Brazil played and almost everything (including the university) closed. This is going to repeat again, for example next week, Thursday is a holiday, and Friday is also a Holliday because Brazil plays.  

The first week I assisted the iwssip2010 conference. This is an international conference on imaging and signal processing. Dr Clua was the moderator for several of the sessions. Some of the presentations were very interesting and related to my projects. I made sure I get contact information from the speakers and have already sent a few emails to them hoping to create new links and collaborations.

The main issue has been so far internet access. At the apartment we had no internet for the first week and the connection at school is very unstable. Considering that I have to download and install many packages to get CUDA working this has been a major drawback.


Brazil is an amazing country, people always willing to help and give directions. We already know the way around a bit, like supermarket, university, and the areas around. People are so friendly that they will lend you a can opener if you tell them you will bring it back.

Last Sunday we went to Icarai beach with Roger (Dr Cluas student) during the soccer match. As I said before, all businesses were closed and people were celebrating since the morning.  After the game a band played lived music and many Brazilian spent the rest of the night at the beach dancing.


I have already met many of Dr Esteban students; they are very helpful and friendly. Many of them have offered help and have in fact given me a lot of tips and documentation regarding CUDA.  I met Gabriel, whom I knew via Javier Delgado who was here last year. I also met Daniel Madeira (Mr Wood),  and Marcelo, a PHD student also working on CUDA programming. Marcelo helped me setting up my SIMM card on my phone.


Dr Clua is an amazing professor and advisor. He interacts with his students and takes them around to activities; they are all very fond of him. During the conference on Friday, they planned to have a funny moment during dinner to surprise the organizers of the conference. I was amazed to see Dr Clua seating at the hotel’s lobby just planning what their students would say and do. 

Fort Lauderdale, FL



 Way to Brazil


Favela in Brazil 



















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June 11, 2010


This is the final week and I am ready to head back to Miami. This IBM internship has been a great experience for me. Working in a project as a collaborator demands different attributes than those required for a class project. Working with Dr Da Silva has been a great pleasure. She is very down to earth and kind. She is also very opened to suggestions while at the same time giving a thought critique or advice when required. Michael has also been of great help, he very knowledgeable and willing to show me how things worked. Without his insight it would have been impossible for me to come up to date and understand the project to a level at which I was able to make the contributions I made. He we are all seating at our farewell dinner.


Left to right: Kyungjin Yoo (University of Maryland), Xavier Collazo (FIU), Gabriel Lizarraga (FIU), Michael Hines (IBM),  Dilma Da Silva (IBM),  Priyanka M. Tembey (Georgia Tech) 



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June 09, 2010

Last week we went to Niagara Falls, Javier, Michael and his wife and I. It was a very interesting trip and Niagara Falls is amazing, I think the pictures need no comments. This is my last week at IBM; I am helping on the project and trying to get the data for processing before I leave. This has been a great experience for me as I have learned how the people at IBM collaborate.






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June 01, 2010

Last week we finaly got everything working with the IBM project. Some technical dificulties were not allowing us to continue experimenting with VMs, but we got everything resolved. Hopefuly we can begin now the data collection phase. On other matters, this weekend we went to NY city. we walked around central park and spent quite some time at the Metropolitan Museum.

Central Park, NY






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May 17, 2010

Close to our place there is a nice lake. People run around it and it is also home to many animals.


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May 11, 2010

Last weekend we took the train to New York City. We enjoyed the ride along the Hudson. New York is an amazing city, almost every corner has a story to tell. 


Grand Central Station


Saint Patrick

Natural History Museum



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We are settled here in what will be home for the next few weeks. We already know where the market is and we are about 20-40 minutes from IBM, depending on Javier's moody GPS Innocent. Here are a few shots of the neighborhood.


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May 04, 2010

Write your Goal Statement. Think about your own ethnicity and heritage and what special reasons you may have to study abroad. Write at least two paragraphs outlining how you want your study abroad experience to personally affect you in terms of personal growth, global awareness, and diversity.

 I always wanted to go to Brazil. There is something in that culture, in the music perhaps, which always caught my attention. As a Hispanic, I was born into the music of fast rhythms like Samba or Bossa Nova. In my music studies I always dealt with Brazilian music. Brazilians have also many things in common with the Latin culture.

Brazil is a beautiful country, home to the Amazon. I will be looking to visit the jungle If possible, and definitely try to go to and dip a finger on the largest river on earth. I will have to keep an eye on the piranhas of course. Rios is very beautiful city on images, but I am sure that looking at it in person is worth much more than the mere thousands words of a picture. From the research point of view it will be interesting to learn how university works in Brazil, how is research done.

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