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Jan Mangs :: Blog :: PIRE Proposal for Tsinghua University, China

March 13, 2008

Student Name: Mr. Jan Christian Mangs

Supervisor’s Name and Title at FIU/FAU:
Dr. Shihong Huang
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
Atlantic University

Name of the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:
Research Institute for Information Technology

Supervisor’s Name and Title at the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:
Dr. Junwei Cao
Professor and Assistant Dean

Project Title:
A Model Driven Engineering Framework for Migrating Web Applications to Mobile Devices

Problem Statement: Briefly explain (in one paragraph) the research problem that you are going to address in this project.

Many applications have been developed for the Web in recent years. Users typically interact with these applications through a Web browser running on a personal computer. However, computing technologies have moved beyond personal computers to everyday devices with embedded technology. Mobile devices in particular, such as cell phones, PDAs, and portable handheld game consoles, have become ubiquitous in almost every sector of life. In fact, the rapid advance in computing power available in cell phones has made it the most commonly used computing platform in the world. It would be advantageous to be able to seamlessly run applications that are developed for the Web on these mobile devices. Unfortunately, their unique characteristics, such as special operation systems, significant memory limitations, power consumption concerns, and wireless network connectivity, provide challenges for migrating Web applications to such mobile devices. There is a need for a systematic methodology and framework to provide general guidelines for migrating Web applications to mobile devices.

Motivation and Impact: Provide a brief explanation (in one paragraph) of the motivation of this work and its significance.

The motivation of this work is to better utilize the advanced computing power and sophisticated infrastructure that mobile devices have today, so that desktop computers and mobile devices can fulfill separate but complementary needs. By applying the software engineering approach known as model driven engineering to this software evolution problem, this research will provide a systematic methodology and framework as a general guideline for migrating Web applications to mobile devices. The impact of the work in the long run is to utilize existing software applications on a new platform and to break the barriers that limit the applications on mobile devices.

Current Status: Provide a brief overview of the current status of the project. If this is an ongoing work, please describe preliminary results. In either case, what related work is going on in this area at FIU/FAU, the partner institution, or elsewhere?

The student who is in the project has been working on the related research for the past year during his graduate study.His work involves software maintenance & evolution, and model driven engineering. For the past semester, he has been intensively studied the computing issues related to mobile devices.As a result of his work, a paper on a samplecase study in migrating a software application to mobile device was published in the 2nd IEEE Systems Conference 2008.

Our partner institute, Research Institute for Information Technology in Tsinghua University China, has a strong research group and facility in Distributed Software Systems, Web, and Software Technology R&D Center. Dr. Junwei Cao is a world-renowned scholar in parallel and distributed computing. He will be a great  asset and advisor during the student’s visit in China.

Research Roadmap: Provide an itemized list that shows your research roadmap/timeline and that lists expected outcomes of your research including a paper to be published, etc.

  • Identify special issues related to mobile computing applications
  • Study related work on migrating applications to mobile devices
  • Study applicability of model driven engineering in software migration
  • Design framework for migrating Web application to mobile devices
  • Validate the framework through a case study on selected mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Windows Mobile

The results and findings from this research will be published in peer-reviewed academic journal and conferences, such as Web Site Evolution (WSE 2008), IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2008).

Relation to PIRE Core Research Projects: Briefly explain how the project fits into the PIRE theme of Cyberinfrastructure enablement. Which box in the table (our “9 box” figure at http://pire.fiu.edu/research.php) does your research fit into and why? If this project is not directly related to any of the boxes in the table, then provide a rationale on how this project is related to Cyberinfrastructure enablement.

Currently, this project doesn’t fit into any of these nine boxes listed in the PIRE cyberinfrastructure enablement. Since mobile devices have become ubiquitous in the cyber space and in people’s daily life, the ability to be able to seamlessly run Web applications on mobile devices will provide a critical role of the whole cyberinfrastructure, and further advance cyberinfrastructure enablement.

Keywords: China, PIRE, proposal, Tsinghua

Posted by Jan Mangs

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