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Javier Delgado :: Blog :: Research Update

June 29, 2011

Since the goal of this year's PIRE internship was to accelerate the pace of some work we have been working on since last year, rather than starting a new project, I have had more time to really think about the work. Last year it took a lot of time just to catch up. So far, we have found many interesting things, although we're still trying to find an explanation for some of our results. Fortunately, the group has set aside plenty of time from their busy schedules to brain storm together a couple of times a week. Since we don't have the physical boundary that we usually do during our meetings while I am not here, meetings are much more productive. We've found a couple of bugs that have slowed us down a bit, but other than that we seem to be going in the right direction.

Keywords: pire, research, watson

Posted by Javier Delgado

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