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Javier Delgado :: Blog :: Paper writing: Local vs Remote

July 11, 2011

For the next couple of weeks, we need to focus on putting about a year's worth of experimentation, observations, figures, and algorithm changes into about 8 pages of 2-column text. This naturally a tough undertaking, but we have the benefit of being close to each other this time. For our last paper, which was published at the SMTPS workshop held at IPDPS this year, the 6 of us were working remotely, which was considerably challenging. We spent about 8 hours on a call the night the paper was due, which was particularly uncomfortable. For this paper, we can actually sit down and discuss the direction that we are taking with the paper and brainstorm together to get an agreement about what we will write about, such that we get a coherent message in the paper. So I am pretty confident that we will have something good by the deadline, even though we are low on time and there are other deadlines to juggle with. 

On the other hand, I have a camera ready submission due this Friday, and for this one my collaborators are back home in Miami, so its going to be a little more time consuming to get that one done than it would normally be. Fortunately, I've had some experience with this kind of remote collaboration so I'm sure we'll pull through. 

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