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Javier Delgado :: Blog :: More work and more fun

August 01, 2011

Last week week there was a department picnic, which was a nice networking opportunity. There were several activities, such as soccer, volleyball, badminton, and even a water baloon competition. The event took place at Croton Point Park, which is a really large county park with great views, as shown below.

Getting back to reality, this week was once again non-stop work on the paper. Its looking better and better, but there's still work to be done and the deadline is tomorrow night. We're currently working on compressing the paper down to 8 pages, which is pretty hard since we have so much data after working on this for several months. The focus of the paper is on the effects experienced when scheduling parallel jobs on virtualized resources, which we all think will be an interesting topic for the UCC conference.


Interesting wildlife



A nice place to sit back, relax, and...read your conference paper, of course 

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