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Javier Delgado :: Blog :: Another successful IBM internship

August 15, 2011

Time really flies during these internships. It feels like last week that I was sitting at home here in Miami. Then I started thinking about all the things that occurred during the time. The Miami Heat getting to the finals (yay). Loosing the Finals (boo). The Memorial Day and Independence Day celebrations in NYC. And several other things. The last few days were quite intense, preparing a 1 hour presentation and trying to come up with a plan for the coming months.

Initially, I was concerned as usual about our accomplishments. Then I started thinking about our accomplishments. We fixed some bugs, implemented some new algorithms, discovered some helped at times, wrote a paper, etc. Actually, being able to go through the paper section by section and getting feedback from my collaborators there was a great benefit. I consider their feedback very valuable given their industry prospective (and the number of best paper awards they have received.

Another thing I was able to take advantage of last week was a MATLAB workshop that was being held at Yorktown. All my programming work with these collaborators is done in MATLAB. Performance is the only drawback with this environment, and the workshop specifically focused on performance. As I found out, there is a code generator included with the new version of MATLAB that generates C code from MATLAB code. This should allow us to improve performance pretty easily. I was able to obtain a 30 day license thanks to one of the representatives there, so I will spend the next few days playing with that. I've already noticed that they've made the Mac interface better, at least compared to the 2009 version I'm currently running.

 All in all, it was a fruitful internship and I'm sure it will show in the quality of our outcomes in the coming months.


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Posted by Javier Delgado

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