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August 30, 2012

This is almost my last day of being in Brazil but it is really hard for me to leave here and come back to Miami. I learned a lot of things, made a lot of friends, and started interesting researches here. In last three weeks, I’ve edited one paper and finished the other one and also we start to work on the other topic on software engineering.  I’ve visited many places in Rio de Janeiro and enjoyed the food and coffee of Brazil. Brazilian people are so kind and friendly and you can start conversation with all Brazilians (if they know English). There are many places you can visit but you need to have friends here to learn how you can reach. I can say they have really good public transportation, and you can use boats, buses and subway to reach to everyplace, but the problem is the language and in most places it is only Portuguese which is a little bit annoying.

Beside the people and country, I really enjoyed working at the university, everything and everyone is friendly and also, you have free coffee. My advisor, Professor Clua and his students are really friendly and they invited me to many places. Last day, I and Professor Clua went to sailing and it was first time of me to be in the ocean, I really enjoyed the trip over the ocean and I am very thankful to him to help me to enjoy my time and doing strong research in Brazil.

I am pretty sure that I will return to Brazil to visit other places, I really enjoyed the trip and find many friends, but three weeks isn’t enough to visit everywhere and know the whole country.


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This week was amazing; I’ve just visited Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf.  Christ status is on the top of the tallest mountain of Rio and it is possible to see the whole city from there. But Sugar Loaf is beautiful for another reason. It has a great view over a lake, ocean and the city and also it is a wonderful place for rock climbers. In this week I need to finish a paper before 15th of this month, so I just attach some pictures from my trip to Rio. I will add more information by next week.

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I am pretty sure this trip will be one of the most important experiences of my life.  Brazil is really beautiful country with kind and friendly people and of course delicious foods.

After arriving to Niteroi, Professor Clua picked me up from Rio airport and he brought me to my current place in Niteroi. My place is quite close to the university (5 – 10 minutes’ walk). After that we went to the place near university for lunch and it was my first delicious meal in Brazil. They do have an amazing system for their restaurants, you must go there and pick a plate and put whatever you want in the plate (rice, meat, salad and …) then you should pay according to the weight of your food.

From the day after it, I just started my work in the university but in the weekend I go to Rio by using a boat which takes 20 – 30 minutes to reach Rio. And I don’t need to say Rio is one of the most beautiful places of the world with a lot of places for visiting including lot of catholic churches and beautiful beaches. For first week I’ve just visited some art museums and beaches which you can see some pictures from it.

The other important thing about Brazil is their people; they are really kind and friendly. I’ve got many friends in last week and they helped me a lot and have shown a lot of places to me.  


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Last week was like other weeks, I need to wrap up everything and finish my project here. So I spent a lot of time on lab and tried to install open virtual switch on ESX hypervisors. For this reason, I needed to install 2 hypervisors and make a physical connection among them, after that I used a windows machine to manage these hypervisors. After installing OS on VMs, I had difficulties to give internet access to these VMs but after several hours of working, I just used my laptop as a bridge and passed firewalls.

I was working really hard and I got tired. On Saturday, I just slept for 12 hours for recovery. 

What I really miss about Raleigh is the great nature of North Carolina. This place is best for camping and enjoys jungles.


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In last week, I was working hard to make a final note on possible changes in VCL code to get a confirmation from people who are working on VCL at NCSU before leaving. So I spent like 10-12 hours per day on working, but the problem was the lack of coffee. I work at NCSU engineering building and unfortunately there is just one coffee store around this building which closes at 3 pm. So it was hard for me to work after 6 pm and I was so sleepy.

On Friday, I had a meeting with Doctor Vouk and Doctor Wright about my project and he told me to do some experiment on tunneling side and configure a network topology manually. So, last two days I was working on this side and tried to make a connection among these virtual machines. I hope to finish experiments by end of this week and start coding at first days of the next week.

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July 02, 2012

Most of the time I was working on my project from my place. Sometimes I go to university to do some experiments in the network lab.

There are not many people in the university and most of the time; I am alone in the middle of engineering building. But there is one small café around this building which has some good foods and also there are some people over there.  

In last week I just go out for watching football game. It was Europe championships and my favorite team is Italy which has arrived to the final game. For the final game, I and some of my friends went to the Irish pub in Glenwood Avenue. Most of the bars and clubs of Raleigh are located in this avenue. If you come to Raleigh, I would suggest you to go and visit this avenue.

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June 24, 2012


Last week nothing interested happened to me. Most of the time I was in my room and I was working with VCL sandbox. I could say, I was working about 12 hours per day and I didn’t go out much. Except one day that I left my place for watching Miami Heat game in a Mexican restaurant in Avent Ferry Avenue. It was a great restaurant with good prices and if you have chance to come to Raleigh I would suggest you to go there and try their food.

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June 17, 2012


In this week, I was usually working. But since I didn’t have NCSU card, I couldn’t go to NSCU and use their facilities, so I was working from my place and didn’t spend much time in the city.

In last week, I’ve visited some places around university. I went to Hillsborough Street which is located in north of the university. This street has a lot of bars, restaurant and other stuff and it should be full of people during academic year.  

On Saturday, I went to Lake Johnson. Lake Johnson is small lake which is located 40 minutes walk from my place. There is a road for walking around this lake which allows you to walk in jungle. There are not much people around this place and no special entrainment. But there is one place for renting boat and sail in the lake which is fun.

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At the end of week I’ve got my ID card and I hope to get access to NSCU’s facilities by end of next week. 


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June 10, 2012

When I arrived to Raleigh, I found it completely different from other cities of United States which I visited before (Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas). Raleigh is a smaller city with better public transportation system and a lot of trees. When I arrived to the airport, I checked with my Google phone to see if there is bus from airport to my place or not. I was supposed to stay in Avent Ferry residence hall which is a conference guest room of North Carolina State University. Finally I found a bus from airport which goes directly to NCSU.

When I arrived to the bus station, I found out that Google brought me to the other side of university and I need to walk to my place. But I didn’t know which direction should I go and my cell phone didn’t work correctly to show paths inside the university and unfortunately I arrived on Saturday and there weren’t much students in the university. Finally I found a student and asked her about my destination and she guided me through the wrong direction and I walked about 1 mile in wrong direction. After 1 mile, I arrived to the bell tower of NCSU, which is a really nicse building. At that point I asked other people to find my direction and Finally after 3 hours of walking I arrived to my destination at Avent Ferry road.

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My room consists of 2 beds, one refrigerator, TV with about 100 channels, microwave and bathroom. It is a nice and small room in a nice community. Sometimes they have some events like game nights or movie nights for community but they didn’t allow me to take a part on these activities and I needed to have a NCSU to join them. Basicly I need to have NCSU card to be able to do anything here. but the good thing is that you don't need to show your NCSU card to use bus system which is really good and it covers university area and places around the university. Here is the link to NCSU transportation system : 


In first week I had 3 meetings with Dr.Vouk, Dr.Wright and Georgy(master student of NCSU) and talked about my project and the method of implementation. In last week I applied for NCSU card which allow me to get access to NCSU’s facilities and also I made a presentation to show the method of implementation of my project. In last week I was busy with other stuff and I didn’t get a chance to visit the city. 

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