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Mani Shafaatdoost :: Blog :: First Week in Brazil... - August 06, 2012

August 30, 2012

I am pretty sure this trip will be one of the most important experiences of my life.  Brazil is really beautiful country with kind and friendly people and of course delicious foods.

After arriving to Niteroi, Professor Clua picked me up from Rio airport and he brought me to my current place in Niteroi. My place is quite close to the university (5 – 10 minutes’ walk). After that we went to the place near university for lunch and it was my first delicious meal in Brazil. They do have an amazing system for their restaurants, you must go there and pick a plate and put whatever you want in the plate (rice, meat, salad and …) then you should pay according to the weight of your food.

From the day after it, I just started my work in the university but in the weekend I go to Rio by using a boat which takes 20 – 30 minutes to reach Rio. And I don’t need to say Rio is one of the most beautiful places of the world with a lot of places for visiting including lot of catholic churches and beautiful beaches. For first week I’ve just visited some art museums and beaches which you can see some pictures from it.

The other important thing about Brazil is their people; they are really kind and friendly. I’ve got many friends in last week and they helped me a lot and have shown a lot of places to me.  


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