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Michael Whitney :: Blog :: Inner Mongolia

July 22, 2011

Hey all, I finally got my trip to Inner Mongolia and I will have to say that it was amazing. People thought my freind and I were crazy for going up there without being fluent in the language but at the core of all great adventures is risk.So, the fun starts when we hop off the train in Hohhot and start bartering with the locals to drive us up into the grasslands. An hour later and we are winding up the mountains with some insanely beautiful views. Through some third world towns and off into the middle of nowhere to our personal Yurt. Horse rides, ruins, and a driver that abandons us in yurt town. Three people on a scooter 35 mph over a rutted out gravel road for a few miles? No problem. Broken down hoopty / rickity / barely fit 20 people on bus ride down with sick 3 yr old screeming and using a newspaper to poop in the isle on the bus - check. Back in the city, we use our intuition to discover the best spinning resteraunt ever!!! The view from atop of this building was incredible and the food made me lose two belt loops!!! On the way back, randomly found a yearly cultural festival that showed off some amazing colors and sounds.

The next morning, our driver to the desert decides to pull over and tell us to get out. Um, no. We are not leaving this vehicle until we see desert. Oh heck, out we go into a cab headed for the big sand. Pushing the point of no return time envelope, we rock out the desert with some camels, hop back into the cab, barely make the train, catch the bus and dice up truck traffic for eight hours on a mix of dirt, gravel, and paved roads. Back safe at nothing in the morning with a desperate need for a shower.

Life is good!!!

Posted by Michael Whitney

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