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June 17, 2012

Aaaahhh Darmstadt, it has been so long since I adventured out to Eberstadt. Yes, we were apart for a bit but I hope you still understand my need to find the un-findable. So, as legend has it, there are still dragons living around Castle Frankenstein. In all honesty, I am not really sure when Frankenstein moved out and the dragons moved in. Come to think of it, the dragons might have sub-leased to Frankenstein although this would not make sense because it probably would not have been named Castle Frankenstein if dragons lived there first. Although, since I have gone down this pondering road, maybe those who do not believe in dragons would not allow a castle to be named after them.

Holding on to my belief in dragons (similar to Santa - you don't believe you don't receive), I ventured south to a castle that was older than the house I grew up in (which isn't saying much). Step one, I found me a good steed. A trusty iron horse named tram. We flew through the country side to a point were tram feared venturing any further. On my own I was, with only my trusty venti in one hand and my compas in the other.

There, in the sky. What is that? Black as night it soared, swooping through the green canopy like, well, a crow. Yup, false alarm. But there, in the distance, a large creature with bolts sticking out of its neck. Could it be? Might it be the legendary great grandson of Frankenstein? Maybe he knew where the dragons were. Darn, just a really tall person with headphones around his neck.

New plan, strom the Castle. Charge!!!! Castle taken!! Now where are the dragons? What is this? A note? Possible clues? Wait, something is inscribed in here. I could barely make it out: Cheese, wine, chips, salsa, ... OMG, the dragons forgot their shopping list and it looks like they are going to have a party. Hooray!!! There are dragons here as this is proof!!! My timing is off but dragon beware, I will find you!!!

Posted by Michael Whitney

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