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Michael Whitney :: Blog :: To Celebrate Festivals

June 29, 2012

Sunday, what a big day. No, not in the eventful way (well maybe), but in the roads are starting to become filled up with carnival rides and vendor stops. When I say big, I mean the whole town. Everywhere I go, there are hordes of trucks and trailers arriving for the upcoming festival. This is completely different from what I am used to in the states which is a parking lot filled up with a carnival or a farmer's field outside of town. Here, the festival is integrated. I didn't know there could be so many rides in one town. In addition, I believe I have seen the larges transportable ferris wheel in the world. I mean, six stories or so? Huge I tell you.

So, when in, well Darmstadt... my advisor and I finished up and ventured out to catch the 2nd half of the Germany vs Italy match. Wow, even in the rain, the public monitors had considerable crowds around them. These are die hard fans (I bet they were all Cub fans in a previous life). Unfortunately, Germany lost which had everyone head for home. However, this exodus cause a nice benefit for those non-sport fans. No lines at the Crepe vender. MMMMM - Nutella and Banana. So good. I think I might have another today.

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