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NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education :: Blog :: Last week in Raleigh

July 16, 2012

Last week was like other weeks, I need to wrap up everything and finish my project here. So I spent a lot of time on lab and tried to install open virtual switch on ESX hypervisors. For this reason, I needed to install 2 hypervisors and make a physical connection among them, after that I used a windows machine to manage these hypervisors. After installing OS on VMs, I had difficulties to give internet access to these VMs but after several hours of working, I just used my laptop as a bridge and passed firewalls.

I was working really hard and I got tired. On Saturday, I just slept for 12 hours for recovery. 

What I really miss about Raleigh is the great nature of North Carolina. This place is best for camping and enjoys jungles.


Posted by NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education - Mani Shafaatdoost

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