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June 2008

June 11, 2008

Sorry for the delay, last week we were at OGF23 so I've been playing "catch-up" all week. For those interested in my take on the state of the grid, check out my report of the event


  • Attending OGF23

  • Linking mpitrace with WRF

  • Applying PAPI kernel patch to GCB kernel for mpitrace


Amon and aprof were modified to compile on MareNostrum, although we still have not tested their functionality.


  • A function name conflict was found between WRF and mpitrace. I tried to fix this by changing the name in WRF, but was not successful due to the intricacies of the WRF codebase (code generation, for one). German Llort (the tracing utilities developer) solved this problem by modifying mpitrace. This led to a different problem, so now we are trying to use the LD_PRELOAD method, which does not require the mpitrace libraries to be linked in at compile time.

  • There is a problem compiling the kernel of GCB, which is preventing us from being able to patch it. I am working with David Villegas (the GCB administrator) to solve this problem.


  • Successfully patch GCB kernel with PAPI

  • Get mpitrace working with WRF on GCB

  • Test amon and aprof on MareNostrum. First with basic executables and then with WRF

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June 13, 2008

Well, I guess I should take a few minutes to describe what we did last weekend before we get to this weekend. Last weekend we went on some more sightseeing adventures. On Saturday, Marlon and I went to Parc de la Ciutadella, which is a large park with the typical Spanish environment: a lot of people, people playing music, a lot of nice scenery, etc.


We went inside and animal museum there, which was informative. Ace Ventura would not be amused with all the dead animals there. From there we went to the Barcelona zoo. The zoo was well decorated and had plenty of animals to see. The highlights were the dolphin show (which was in EspaƱolCastellano, fortunately, and the spider-monkeys, which were monkeys placed in a Tarzanesque environment. Sadly, many of the other animals did not seem very happy where they were.


On Sunday we went up Mount Tribidabo (or as Marlon puts it Trih-bih-dae-boe). Apart from giving a very wide view of the city, it has a fairly large and customarily well-decorated cathedral. There was also a complete, multi-level theme park there, which I found to be interesting and brilliant, having only seen single-level fairs and theme parks before.

[You do not have permission to access this file]     

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June 25, 2008

I have been quite busy lately. I had a paper deadline to meet on June 22nd ,but thank God, the deadline has been extended to the 30th.  Since the begining of this trip, I have been working to implement a MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoder. (MPEG-2 is the format on dvds and most hd broadcasts and H.264 is the format used by mobile devices like Ipod and other phones). Implementation of my work takes alot of patience ,and its also a delicate process because one miswritten line can cause a trickle effect to the video.Currently I have a 60 % complexity loss and some quality loss. For those who like saying how many lines they coded, I have implemented 6.5k lines of code but roughly 6k have been automaticly generated from me. 

My workspace:

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The redbulls cost 6 yuan here in the corner store or under a dollar. These are life savers Tongue out .

Ok, to other stuff. Since my deadline was extended we went to the zoo and science musuem this weekend. [You do not have permission to access this file]




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