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June 2009

June 09, 2009

As an importang part of our PIRE experience, wenkend trips are always enjoyable and help us relax from the week. We spent the last weekend in Paris~ Unfortunately the weather was not that nice, we were walking along the Seine River in the rain on Saturday and climbed the Effiel Tower (around 700 steps!). The exercise kept us warm, though~  Then we went to Notre Dame. The design of the cathedral is really fancy and detailed! It is just  so delicate and eye catching!  During the time we went there, some religious activities were going on, people were singing songs and candles were lit up. All over the church, there are sculptures and things like such.
The next day we went to the Museum of Louvre and museum of D'orsay, saw the Mona Lisa and Van Gough's art pieces. You know how huge those museums so, and we just had to rush from place to place.
Another thing I want to metion is the arc of triumph: very magnificent monument~. We climbed up to the tower and enjoyed the view of Paris from the center of the radiant square~ Twelve avenues radiate from the square, all of which are named after famous people or battles.


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June 19, 2009

France is well known for its wine culture. In the Triskell research  team, it is usually the case that if a team member is leaving, he or she will host a little farewell party with some wine and traditional snacks, and all other members, including professors and staffs,  are invited to enjoy the wine and food. It is also the opportunity for networking and cultural exchange. During our stay here, we are fortunate to participate in such an event. It was great, pictures tell~



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