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July 2009

July 13, 2009

Yes my project finally got a name,  here is the abstract for it.


Kaseya IN A MINute



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July 14, 2009

Now as Americans we are addicted to cell phones.  Often we talk until we see the other person.  Constantly we see ourselves talking on the cellphone while we drive, walk, eat, and sometimes we even fall asleep while on the phone.  How do we break this addiction to survive in Brasil?


We buy a cell phone.

 Brasil and the cell phone industry

Now in Brasil cell phones are slightly different.  In the USA everyone has a cell phone, which puts a lot of capital into the infrastructure, which in return lowers the price of cell phone plans.  This then fuels our need to TALK ALL THE TIME.  Brasil does not have this infrastructure, so in return their prices are a lot higher.  So less people talk on the phone, thier efficiency is incredible.  Their manorisms will definately be adopted when it comes to cell phone efficiency.

The best option for fellow PIRE adventurers is to get a prepaid cell phone.  As Americans we are already familiar with the prepaid cell phone plans, but there is a catch in Brasil.  Due to the crime and the usage of criminals in prepaid cellphones, you must have a valid Brasilian ID to get a prepaid phone or SIM chip.  Somehow you need to buddy up with a Brasilian and convince him that you REALLY are a good guy and don't partake in criminal activity.

Carriers in Brasil

The best one I would recomend would be VIVO, they seem to have the best prepaid plan along with the best service.  The sales people aren't bad to look at either.  Most places with a cellular credit card machine can recharge your minutes with ease.  They run in packages of R$17 R$26 and R$60.  But be careful these calls are expensive and will not last long.  The actual cell phones for the base model can cost as little as R$49 to R$69.  For me, my purchase was one of these phones.



The best method would be to unlock a phone from the USA and purchase a chip.  Vivo keeps it exciting by giving you great graphics with your purchase. Most blackberries and Iphones can be unlocked and used with this chip.


For people that are in my situation, I purchased a cheap cell phone.  This is my glorious phone in action.

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July 24, 2009

....After our lunch, Zaidi, Seijiro and I went to the "Maracana" one of Rio de Janeiro's famous landmarks. I have been dying to go to this place for years, and to finally be given the opportunity to experience a soccer game at "Maracana" was amazing. We arrived earlier than what we should have, one of the PIRE students thought the game started at 4:30pm which in reality started at 6:30, so we had to wait for almost 3 hours for the game to start. In the mean time we took some pictures out the stadium


At 4:30, they started letting people inside the stadium, we still had 2 hours left for the game to start, so we walked around and started taking pictures of inside the stadium 


Now the game finally started and let me tell you, it was one hell of an experience. I've been to many soccer games in Miami, and nothing an compare to the atmosphere of the Maracana. We decided to sit on the Flamengo side, the fans their were rowdy, jumping up and down, banging the drums and singing through out the entire game. The game was a nail bitter, the final score of the game was Flamengo 2, Botafogo 2, it ended in a draw.


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