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July 2010

July 01, 2010

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Last night I went to a 40th birthday party at the house of a French lady whom I met during Paris's 'designer days'. the party was a surprise birthday party for her friend, Laurent, who is a journalist here in Paris that writes on articles and topics related to healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry (since he himself is a pharmacist as well). The party was very fun and had great food and it was interesting talking to all of the guests and good practice for my French! :) Laurent also knew the L'agence de la Biomedicine, where i work, because he has covered them much in his work he said b/c they are the entity responsible for allocating all transplant organs and tissues in France.


Today I am resuming with SAS analyses for my APHA abstract and creating a table for the results to summarize for the abstract. Dr. Couchoud has taught me several new analysis techniques this week.


I also received great news from the USRDS US renal registry, that my proposal was accepted, so I can move forward with the data request this week and hopefully have it upon my return to Miami after July 10th.


I can't believe my trip is already coming to an end, time flies! But I have learned much and made some great friends during my time here and hope to visit again in the future. Attached are some pics from last night's bday party:)

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July 06, 2010

This week is sadly my last week in Paris and working with the Agence. I have very much enjoyed my time here and everyone at the Agence has been extremely kind and taught me a great deal, particularly Dr. Couchoud.

 I just completed the draft of the APHA abstract that I am submitting to the 'late breaker' session for the November conference in Denver, and my committee and Dr. Couchoud are editing it currently and I will submit it to the epidemiology chair of APHA directly by email later this week.

 I am also looking into journals to which I can submit a 'brief report' of the descriptive statistics and co-morbid clinical diseases of HIV-positive renal replacement therapy and renal transplant patients, which is the data that I have been analyzing. Currently, the journal 'Transplant Infectious Disease' seems to be a good fit and I found a similar study on USRDS HIV+ renal transplant patient data in this journal recently.

 This past weekend I was in Turin, Italy visiting my best friend from the US and her boyfriend, who is Italian at their place. I was having a great time until i went to the market w/her on Saturday and my wallet was stolen out of my purse! I had no idea it was gone until i went to buy something and noticed it missing. It contained all my credit/debit cards, passport, and drivers license, needless to say this was a total cauchemar(nightmare) lol.

I had to file a police report and was able to fly back to France w/a copy of my passport I had made and had my family wire me money and my bank allows me to wire money as well since all debit/credit cards were stolen. Italy is pretty bad apparently, and there is a large gypsy community that specializes only in stealing. My friend Jessica and her bf had their apt broken into during Christmas and all their presents stolen even they later told me!

So, word of advice, when traveling in Italy, watch your purse/wallet!

 Overall however, the weekend ended ok and Turin was very pretty. See attached pics of Turin and Paris:)


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