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NSF PIRE News :: Blog :: Student Showcase: PIRE Student Poster Session at the Sixth LA Grid Summit

November 17, 2008

FIU's School of Computing and Information Science gathered with its LA Grid and FAU partners to welcome the first cohort of PIRE (Partnership for International Research and Education) students back from their international assignments. One track of the Sixth LA Grid Summit was dedicated to learning about the research collaboration these students experienced in the summer of 2008. The Summit sponsored a poster contest showcasing students' work.

Dr. Yi Deng, SCIS Dean and PIRE PI led a panel of international faculty collaborators and PIRE students in a discussion focused on "How to Establish Sustainable International Research Collaborations?"

PIRE is an NSF sponsored program intended to advance global partnerships in technology research, innovation, and education. FIU-SCIS and FAU have built a strong consortium of researchers and educators and are successfully leveraging these collaborations to better train their students via the PIRE program. Our 2008 summer students engaged in research with industry and universities across five nations. This multicultural, professional working experience will provide the students participants with experiences and a collaborative network that will benefit them throughout their careers.

Kasturi Chatterjee, FIU PhD Candidate
Using Graph Similarity for Social Network Analysis
Ms. Chatterjee was awarded First Place for her work in creating and presenting this poster.

Ricardo Koller, FIU PhD Student
APOS: An Application Level Power Oracle for Virtualized Servers
Mr. Koller was awarded Second Place for his work in creating and presenting this poster.

Juan Bernal, FAU Bachelor’s Student
Data Mining and Machine Learning Cross Validation over Distributed Networks

Justin Beyer, FAU Bachelor’s Student
Gene Selection for Cancer Classification

Marlon Bright, FIU Bachelor’s Student and Javier Delgado, FIU PhD Student
Application Profiling and Prediction in the Grid Environment (Research)
Application Profiling and Prediction in the Grid Environment (Experience)


Ingrid Buckley, FAU Master’s Student
Web Services Reliability Patterns

Paula A. Carrillo, FAU Master’s Student
Data Mining for Video Encoding (Low complexity H.264)

Christopher Holder, FAU Master’s Student
Data Mining for Video Transcoding and Encoding

Selim Kalayci, FIU PhD Candidate
Pattern Based Fault-Tolerance at Workflow Management Systems

Tariq King, FIU PhD Candidate
Leveraging Traceability Recovery in Test Planning and Optimization

Alex Kotlarchyk, FAU PhD Student
BioInformatics Algorithms for High Performance Computing

Allison Lanager, FIU Master’s Student and Sean Leslie, FIU Master’s Student
A Web-Based Portal for Hurricane Mitigation

Jan Mangs, FAU Master’s Student
Accessing the Grid from Mobile Devices

Lina Ortega, FAU Bachelor’s Student
Text, Image, and Audio/Video Datasets

Simone Pasmore, FAU Master’s Student
Web Accessibility for the Hearing Impaired

Camilo Silva, FIU Bachelor’s Student and Michael Robinson, FIU PhD Student
Finding Repeats and Signatures in DNA Sequences Using MPI Clusters

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