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NSF PIRE News :: Blog :: PIRE Students Present Research Posters at the Seventh LA Grid Summit

January 15, 2010

The second cohort of PIRE (Partnership for International Research and Education) students joined FIU's School of Computing and Information Science, FAU and LA Grid partners in a presentation of their accomplishments at the Seventh LA Grid Summit, October 22-23, 2009. This event included the second annual poster contest, which showcased the students' collaborative research, as well as panel discussions that focused on research collaboration.

PIRE is an NSF sponsored program intended to advance global partnerships in cyberinfrastructure research, innovation, and education. FIU-SCIS and FAU continue to nurture and expand this consortium of researchers and educators. It is exciting to see these collaborations serve our students and research partners so effectively. The summer 2009 cohort engaged in research with industry and universities across five nations. The program's multicultural, professional working experience will provide the student participants with experiences and a collaborative network that will benefit them throughout their careers.

Dr. S. Masoud Sadjadi
Dr. S. Masoud Sadjadi, SCIS Assistant Professor and PIRE PI, led a panel
discussion among collaborators and PIRE students to explore the
"Opportunities and Challenges of International Research Collaborations".

Dr Jainendra K. Navlakha
Dr. Jainendra K. Navlakha, SCIS Professor and Interim Director, moderated a
complementary panel discussion focused on "Research Directions and

Eric Meyer, FIU PhD Candidate
Enhanced Grid Enabled Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF)/Superensemble Portal
Mr. Meyer was awarded First Place for his work in creating and presenting this poster.
Eric Meyer

Scott Roepnack, FAU Master’s Student
Enhancing Item-Based Collaborative Filtering by Incorporating Tags
Mr. Roepnack was awarded Second Place for his work in creating and presenting this poster.
Scott Roepnack

Andrew Allen, FIU PhD Candidate
Automatic Behavioral Aspects for Model-Driven Communication Applications
Andrew Allen

Michael Armella, FIU PhD Candidate
Multi-Type Data Clustering across Multiple Feature Spaces
Michael Armella

Javier Delgado, FIU PhD Candidate
Performance Prediction of Scientific Applications
Javier Delgado

Adriana Garcia, FAU Master’s Student
Mobile Web Services using Globus
Adriana Garcia

Peter Greko, FIU Bachelor’s Student
Automatic Installation of an IT Automation Software System
Peter Greko

Yanelis Hernandez, FIU PhD Candidate
A case study to support testing of dynamic SPL
Yanelis Hernandez

Seijiro Ikeda, FIU Bachelor’s Student
A Competitive Analysis of Some IT Automation Solution Providers:
Kaseya, LANDesk, Altiris, N-Able and SilverBack

Seijiro Ikeda

Ricardo Koller, FIU PhD Candidate
Working Set: Model and Characterization
Ricardo Koller

Gabriel Lizarraga, FIU Bachelor’s Student
Parallelized Analysis using Subdural Interictal EEG
Gabriel Lizarraga

Lester Melendez, FIU PhD Candidate
Computing Object Similarity using MapReduce

Alfonso Munive, FIU Bachelor’s Student
Meta-Monitoring: Proactive Monitoring of an IT Automation Monitoring Server
Alfonso Munive

Jake Petersen, FAU Bachelor’s Student
A Comparison Framework of Rule Engines
Jake Petersen

Mark Rajan, FAU Master’s Student
Motion Estimation using NVIDIA CUDA
Mark Rajan

Jonathan Sanchez, FIU Bachelor’s Student
A Competitive Analysis of IT Automation Solution Providers:
Kaseya, Numara, KACE, LPI and LabTech

Jonathan Sanchez

Yali Wu, FIU PhD Candidate
Engineering a Communication Modeling Language using Kermeta
Yali Wu

Sajjad Zaidi, FIU Bachelor’s Candidate
A Competitive Analysis of IT Automation Solution Providers: Kaseya, LogMeln, ManageEngine, Zenith InfoTech and IT Control Suite
Sajjad Zaidi

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