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NSF PIRE News :: Blog :: PIRE Students Present Research Posters at the Eighth LA Grid Summit

February 15, 2011

The third cohort of CI-PIRE students (CyberInfrastructure - Partnership for International Research and Education) presented their research accomplishments at the Eighth LA Grid Summit October 28-29, 2010. FIU's School of Computing and Information Science, FAU and LA Grid Parnters were joined this year by partners from UNCC and UPRM. Posters were featured in the third annual poster contest, as well as panel discussions focusing on future directions for collaborative research within the LA Grid consortium.

PIRE is an NSF sponsored program intended to advance global partnerships in cyberinfrastructure research, innovation, and education. FIU-SCIS, FAU and UNCC continue to nurture and expand this consortium of researchers and educators. It is exciting to see these collaborations serve our students and research partners so effectively. The summer 2010 cohort of 27 students engaged in research with industry and universities across eight nations. The program's multicultural, professional working experience will provide the student participants with experiences and a collaborative network that will benefit them throughout their careers.

 PIRE 2010 Cohort at the Latin American Summit, October 2010
PIRE Cohort at the Latin American Summit, October 2010

PIRE Panel, Latin American Summit, October 2010
PIRE Panel, Latin American Summit, October 2010,

Jaiver Delgado, FIU PhD student
Work Results Development of a Simulator for Scheduling on Virtual Machines
Mr. Delgado was awarded First Place for his work in creating and presenting his poster.
Javier Delgado

Eduardo Ruiz, FIU Graduate student
Correlating Real Time Series with Micro-Blogging data
Mr. Ruiz was awarded Second Place for his work in creating and presenting this poster.
Eduardo Ruiz

Velibor Adzic, FAU PhD student
Pattern Matching with Key Identification Application
Velibor Adzic

Andrew Allen, FIU PhD student
Dynamic Constraint Solving to Support Self-Configuration in CVM
Andrew Allen

Bayoan Alvarado, UPRM Master student
Create Virtual Images with Customization to Facilitate Cloud Computing Environment

Luciano Araujo, FAU Master student
Bilateral Integration of EnTiMid and Social Network Outlets

Julie Carmigniani, FAU Master student
Augmented Reality Technologies and Applications with focus on Using Mobile Devices
Julie Carmigniani

Aleksandar Colic, FAU PhD student
Flower Recognition System on iPhone
Aleksandar Colic

Xabriel Collazo-Mojica, FIU PhD student
Modeling Distributed Ensembles of Virtual Appliances in the Cloud
Xabriel Collazo-Mojica

Timothy Cruz, FIU Bachelor student
Researching Hands-on Educational Approach to IT Automation
Timothy Cruz

Alberto Gonzalez, UNCC PhD student
Best practices for the visualization and comprehension of Electronic Health Records

Jonatan Gonzalez, FAU Master student
SEC File Extraction and Financial Table Analysis for Midas
Jonatan Gonzalez

Amelia Hashizume, FAU PhD student
Cloud Computing Security

Melita Jaric, FIU PhD student
Financial Table Analysis for Midas
Melita Jaric

Gabriel Lizarraga, FIU Master student
Exploring the Application of GPU to Extraction of Key Parameters Towards Seizure Detection
Gabriel Lizarraga

Anthony Marcus, FAU Master student
An Architecture for Web-based Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring using a Smart Phone
Anthony Marcus

James Mulcahy, FAU PhD student
Deploying Research Applications In The Cloud
James Mulcahy

Ohannes Ohannessian, FAU Bachelor student
CRL Healthcare Viz Project
Ohannes Ohannessian

Rodney Owens, UNCC PhD student
Secure Management of Pervasive and Cloud Computing
Rodney Owens

Vanessa Ramirez, FIU Bachelor student
IDE Prototype for COMP Superscalar
Vanessa Ramirez

Arturo Saliva, FAU Master student
Interface for Drug-Protein Targeting Specifics Project
Arturo Saliva

Ghazal Soleimani,FIU Master student
HIV and CKD Stage 5: Outcomes and Clinical Characteristics among Patients in France and the United States
Ghazal Soleimani

Flavio Suguimitzu, FIU Bachelor student
Maximizing Resource Utilization for IT Automation Training

Flavio Suguimitzu

James Valdes, FIU PhD student
Efficient Protein-Ligand Docking
James Valdes

Michael Whitney, UNCC PhD student
Participatory Sensing: Data Filtration in a Reputation Environment
Michael Whitney

Reng Zeng, FIU PhD student
Mining Processes from Provenance of Scientific Workflows
Reng Zeng

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