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June 11, 2010

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From Miami, crossing over the North Pole and Siberia to China, it was daytime and I got there and it was still daytime but with one day ahead. I started to learn Chinese in the plane after I met Yue. She explained to me so many other things about China.

First week and first three days in Beijing-China, it's a big and busy city. Companies from all over around the world have offices here. Tsinghua University is not far from us, neither are Microsoft's and Sun Microsystems' buildings. In the community where we are staying students from everywhere live here. I met students from back home USA, from France, from Greece and from Egypt in less than 2 days.

Today, I'm here at IBM Research Lab - China, one of the best prestigeous labs in Asia. I'm sorry that I don't have much to say about the research it's my first day. I met my advisor, we have lots of work to do and plans to set up. I'm now writing this from my desk here at the lab. Researchers in this lab are from are PhD holders and know professors and advisors from FIU and FAU, not only through PIRE but in conferences too.

Next week, there's a holiday called Flag Day from Monday to Wednesday. We have a long vacation kind of with lots of preparations. My work will start next week and will keep you informed with the great news.


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June 05, 2010

One day separates me from travelling to China. I'm excited to explore the country and also to gain experience with IBM. I guess is to early to talk about what to see over there. We are 7 students going and staying in the same apartment, I don't know what to say about that :) But the outcome hopefully will be good.

Once in Beijing, I'll definitely update my blog with the latest news. This way, you'll read my side of the story about the research trip.


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