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Ricardo Koller :: Blog :: PIRE Proposal

March 25, 2008

Supervisor name and Title at FIU/FAU:

Raju Rangaswami, Assistant Professor.


Name of the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:

IBM Research India.


Supervisor’s Name and Title at the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:

Akshat Verma, Research Staff Member


Project Title:

Compass: Cost of Migration-aware Placement in Storage Systems


Problem Statement:

Dynamic resource allocation and managemetn in a virtualized data center with reducing power consumption as the primary goal following constraints posed by Service Level Agreements made with clients.


Motivation and Impact:

There are several ongoing projects related to virtualized data centers management, but no one focusing on power consumption reduction.


Current Status:

The project is still in the development phase; no extensive experimentation has been done yet. Related research is being developed by Sajib Kundu at the Databases and Systems Research Lab (FIU.)


Research Roadmap:

    *  Identify systems parameters that effect power consumption characteristics
    *  Identify performance characteristics of specific workloads
    *  Create mechanisms to effect resource allocation and management in an online fashion. The mechanisms would be based on a cost-benefit analysis pertaining to power-savings and SLA violations.


Relation to PIRE Core Research Projects:

The project fits into the CI Enablement Layer, most specifically the Communication Virtual Machine box. The project enables transparent management of resources in a virtualized environment. Moreover, the prototype would manage the virtual to physical resources based on user level agreements and power consumption reduction.

Keywords: PIRE, Proposal

Posted by Ricardo Koller

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