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Ricardo Koller :: Blog :: POWER6

June 25, 2008

Today I've been told that there should be some POWER6 processors coming soon. Akshat ordered a couple many months before I arrived and I was supposed to work on them.  But sadly there was too much administrative "@#$" before this could happen. Maybe a computer scientist should not get excited about something "mundane" like a new processor. But THIS is the most advanced chip in the world and it is not only fast but also very "friendly". It have many many cool features for performance monitoring and voltage/frequency scaling. This baby could save me a lot of time. I have to repeat many experiments and be forced to collect close-to-real information because regular Intel processors have a very limited number of performance registers, can collect limited information, and usually affect performance. I cannot even measure real memory bandwidth on these (although this point is ok as it is addressed in the report/paperwannabe we're writing). ... and most importantly POWER6 processors allow almost unlimited number of cpu power states (not like Intel implementing ACPI states).

Posted by Ricardo Koller

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