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June 30, 2008

So, here is my cube. It looks a little messy, but this is absolutely necessary as it gives me some warm and cozzy feeling..

annnd here I am doing something in my cube

Thinking of "cubes"... It is very interesting how "cubes" are very similar in IBM compared to those at FIU (or maybe any other university). I am talking about "cubes" in the sense of freedom as a researcher. Here, just like at my lab (yeah, MY lab at FIU), we have the freedom of get lost and go really deep in any crazy line that may look interesting. And you also have the freedom of pretty much do whatever you want, come at whatever hour you want and stay in the lab as much and as less as you want. But off course there are some limitations: the "cube". I am happy to say that the dimension of this "cube" are the same as the dimensions of my "cube" at FIU. The only differences are that this one is "a little" more harder (and spicy).

Posted by Ricardo Koller

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