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Ricardo Koller :: Blog :: Delhii !!! (again)

May 11, 2009

So I'm in India (again). I spent my first days on paper work in order to start working at IBM. All of these was done at a different office in the bussiness area of Gurgaoh. A friend of mine, Raj, took me there on his moto (pretty cool.) There I spent the morning filling 1000 forms and copyright stuff. But luckily there were other people, like some interns at IRL doing the same. So we took the opportunity to chat and know each other. It turns out that I;m working with two of them.

At 1pm, when we finally finished all the paper work stuff, we got to IRL. There I found several people I met last year. I kept saying "very nice to see you again" and it was actually VERY nice to see them again. I even saw all the sys admins I had so many problems with and they were very glad to see me :S.

After that I had lunch and I have to say that it was great. Last year I had many issues with the food, but this time I actually like it. I really don't know what happened. I guess is because now the food is not free anymore, and maybe the quality increased dramatically. Moreover, there was chicken!. Apparently, wednesday chicken is now monday, wedn. and friday chicken.

I then met with my old and current mentor, Akshat. I kept working with him from Miami so the meeting wasn't so dramatical. He didn't change at all (well, it's just one year). We chatted a little bit about the project and just after that I decided to go and have a little nap. The nap turned out to be 10 hours (literally) so that's all for wednesday.

Thursday was elections day and nobody could let me in inside the lab. So I spent all day on my room. I just went outside to have something to eat after 4pm because nothing is open before. Friday was spent in settiing up accounts, checking servers and a little bit of reading.

The weekend was no different, I spent all days sleeping and awake at night. I just recently moved to India time. It is so hard to get used to +10 hours of difference. I cannot do it in 2 days.

Posted by Ricardo Koller

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