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Ricardo Koller :: Blog :: Rishikesh

July 12, 2009

I spent one of my last weekends in India in a little town called Rishikesh. It's mainly a religious place where many indian gather to celebrate their gods. I think it is special for hinduism mainly because ganga river goes through it.

I went with a couple of interns from IRL...

It took us a night in bus. I couldn't sleep at all. But that didn't matter as we went rafting and walking all day. We rafted thorugh the ganga river. It was an amazing experience. Not only because of the rafting experience which was really exciting. But mainly because of 1% of the trip, which was in the middle of Rishikesh. You get to pass in boat in the middle of the river between hundreds of little and huge hindu temples. One of them was full of bells, hundres, all making different sounds.

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