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Ricardo Koller :: Blog :: Posters presentation

July 12, 2009

So, this is the end of the internship and as a new tradition at IRL (since last year actually) there are interns poster presentations. Motivated by amazing prizes like ipods and DVD players :O. It's not that interns actually need prizes, but it just makes things more fun and lot LOT more competitive.

I presented my work titled "Working sets: Modeling and characterization". I think it was a good poster, and the presentation was, at least for the people related to systems, clear (I hope). I think we got too deep into technical issues of these power6 servers, which make our work only appealing to 2 persons in the lab, me and my mentor. Ahh, and Pradip, who also enjoys low level stuff :D.

This a picture after the whole event.. I am the half guy on the right.


Posted by Ricardo Koller

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