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June 12, 2008

me: excuse me sir, how far is pria?

unknown guy: mm, just catch an "auto" and don't pay more than 20 rupees (*)


me: your turn Selim, 40 (20*2) seems reasonable

Selim: yeap 


Selim: to pria please

rishka driver: 150 rupees


* Rupees are the currency in Hirule (Legend of Zelda) as well. No wonder they looked so familiar.

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June 01, 2008

I didn't post anything in a long time and I'm sorry: I was just too busy. So I am just going to comment on what I've been busy at: my project.

What we are trying to do is actually a pretty simple thing loaded with many interesting details: just the way I like it. We are trying to predict the energy usage of a server given its workload description. It could be a question like "if my web server is xyz and is servicing 123 web interactions per second, how many watts do I need to allocate for it?". So in order to be able to answer that we are getting this information from many server/applications and trying to come up with some nice "formula".

I started at IRL like 3 weeks ago and I spent that time on basically 3 things: experimentation setup, experimentation (over and over, and over again), and a bit of reading. The best thing about the whole thing is that we get tons of data to analyze. And while analyzing and taking these measures you kind of feel like a scientist, maybe something like a physicist.

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May 08, 2008

The trip started in a weird way. The airline changed our flight to go through Paris instead of New York... which would have been great if we hadn't to wait a whole day in the airport. The flight was ok, the food was really really good and the attention even better. Air-France flight attendant's really like to smile (even the guys). I'm glad they're so "happy".

I spent the Paris-Delhi flight sleeping, watching through the window and trying to convince an indian lady that south americans don't speak hindi. I then woke up above some desert in Pakistan which I think looks absolutely amazing. It's great how colors seem different in this side of the world. I was thinking about the girl at that moment.. which made it even cooler.

The Delhi airport is nice and full of plants. At customs we had to fill a form so Selim borrowed a pen from some french girl. We filled out the forms; I broke the pen and after apologizing, we took our luggage from the belts. Finally, we exchanged some $ for the next days. Indian money (rupees) are pretty cool. Smaller bills are literally smaller, which is great if you are almost blind.

Raj and a driver were waiting for us at the aiport exit to take us to our guest room in front of the IBM Research Lab. Just after entering the room and picking our beds, Selim started to unpack. I would usually unpack some weeks after getting back to Miami, but I want to look like a nice and clean roommate so I started to do the same. I even hanged some stuff in the closet.


Before going to sleep I thought that it would be a good idea to let my parents know that I was safe in Delhi but nop... Delhi walls and my laptop don't get along that well.

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March 24, 2008

Supervisor name and Title at FIU/FAU:

Raju Rangaswami, Assistant Professor.


Name of the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:

IBM Research India.


Supervisor’s Name and Title at the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:

Akshat Verma, Research Staff Member


Project Title:

Compass: Cost of Migration-aware Placement in Storage Systems


Problem Statement:

Dynamic resource allocation and managemetn in a virtualized data center with reducing power consumption as the primary goal following constraints posed by Service Level Agreements made with clients.


Motivation and Impact:

There are several ongoing projects related to virtualized data centers management, but no one focusing on power consumption reduction.


Current Status:

The project is still in the development phase; no extensive experimentation has been done yet. Related research is being developed by Sajib Kundu at the Databases and Systems Research Lab (FIU.)


Research Roadmap:

    *  Identify systems parameters that effect power consumption characteristics
    *  Identify performance characteristics of specific workloads
    *  Create mechanisms to effect resource allocation and management in an online fashion. The mechanisms would be based on a cost-benefit analysis pertaining to power-savings and SLA violations.


Relation to PIRE Core Research Projects:

The project fits into the CI Enablement Layer, most specifically the Communication Virtual Machine box. The project enables transparent management of resources in a virtualized environment. Moreover, the prototype would manage the virtual to physical resources based on user level agreements and power consumption reduction.

Keywords: PIRE, Proposal

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