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Sean Leslie

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Sean Leslie

July 14, 2008


This past week was a frustrating one. We would go to campus believing our remote access was working only to find it was not. We don’t like bouncing back and forth between school and home since it eats up a lot of time so we were staying on campus and typing things up in the mean time. Last week we were writing code to add sessions for login and file uploading. Testing things has been a pain with no access or various tools being down.


Despite all of this some progress was made in understanding work we need to do in order to read met files. Additionally we feel more confident about what variables we are using in the namelist file. We also met with Seychelles and Elias online and shared knowledge about what we have been doing and gained knowledge of what they have been doing.

No big accomplishments this week.


  • VPN access is still sketchy at the campus although we are told the issue is resolved.
  • Tomcat server was down when we had code to test, but this was fixed as well.
  • Although the problems were resolved waiting for resolutions has stalled our work.


Short Term:

  • Keep working on the database. Lack of VPN access meant we weren’t doing much of anything with it last week.
  • Look into the met file access scripting language that Javier mentioned.
  • Actually put the code we had made on the site and test it.
  • Look into what the JFM interface requires.

Long term:

  • JFM interfacing.
  • Run a test case.



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