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May 10, 2008

Student Name: Simone Pasmore


Supervisor’s Name and Title at FIU/FAU:


Dr. Shihong Huang

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

Florida Atlantic University


Name of the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:


Research and Development in Advanced IT

National University of La Plata

Buenos Aires



Supervisor’s Name and Title at the PIRE International Partner’s Institution:


Dr. Gustavo Rossi




Project Title:

Web Accessibility for the Hearing Impaired


Problem Statement: Briefly explain (in one paragraph) the research problem that you are going to address in this project.


The advancing of Internet technology provides an information super-highway for disseminating information on the web. The Web has become such an abundant resource for almost every single aspect of our lives, from disseminating information, research, entertaining, online business, to news update to just name a few. Multimedia features, such as embedded audio and video clips on the web, enrich the web contents and resources to a higher level. While many of people can fully embrace and enjoy these multimedia features on the web, some people who are hearing impaired are simply left out by these advanced features. This situation generates imbalanced web user experiences between different groups of people, and the situation needs to be addressed.


Motivation and Impact: Provide a brief explanation (in one paragraph) of the motivation of this work and its significance.


The motivation of this research is to provide the same level of web experiences for the deaf as that for hearing people, and to fully utilize the multimedia features on the web for the deaf people. By integrating existing technologies and develop new technology as needed, this research will provide a rich web accessibility for its contents that are in both text format and in multimedia format to the deaf people, and bridge the gap between the silent world and the multimedia content on the web so that browsing web for deaf people becomes a fully enjoyable experience.


Current Status: Provide a brief overview of the current status of the project. If this is an ongoing work, please describe preliminary results. In either case, what related work is going on in this area at FIU/FAU, the partner institution, or elsewhere?


The student who is in the project has been taking American Sign Language (ASL), and has been reading related papers of web accessibility during her first year of graduate study. Our partner institute, Lifia Research and development in Advanced IT in National University of La Plata has a strong research group on Web Engineering. Lifia’s Director Dr. Gustavo Rossi is a world-renowned scholar in web engineering field and he will be a great asset and adviser during the student’s visit in Lifia.


Research Roadmap: Provide an itemized list that shows your research roadmap/timeline and that lists expected outcomes of your research including a paper to be published, etc.


  • Study literatures of work has been done in web accessibility for deaf people
  • Compare and select audio to text software
  • Compare and select text-to-ASL software, with either people or avatar
  • Integration: develop prototype web site that integrate audio clip and sign language translation
  • Validate the prototype using selected web site

The results and findings from this research will be published in peer-reviewed academic journal and conferences, such as Web Site Evolution (WSE 2008).


Relation to PIRE Core Research Projects: Briefly explain how the project fits into the PIRE theme of Cyberinfrastructure enablement. Which box in the table (our “9 box” figure at http://pire.fiu.edu/research.php) does your research fit into and why? If this project is not directly related to any of the boxes in the table, then provide a rationale on how this project is related to Cyberinfrastructure enablement.


Currently, this project doesn’t fit into any of these nine boxes listed in the PIRE Cyberinfrastructure enablement. Since web has become ubiquitous in the cyber space, improve web accessibility for hearing impaired people and provide the same level of web user experience for all the people are such a critical part of the whole cyberinfrastructure, and further advance cyberinfrastructure enablement.

Posted by Simone Pasmore

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