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June 08, 2009

For most of our first weekend we were still recovering from the Jet lag and adjusting to the new environment. However we decided to make at least one-day fun trip and chose Mt Saint Michel which was highly recommended by our PIRE training professor Maria Antonieta. The island is full of history and wonderful views. 

For this past weekend then we planned in going to Paris. Unfortunately it was overcastted and cold our choices of sightseeing were limited. The trip was fun; we had a really busy schedule with all the landmarks that we wanted to visit. Saturday went to the classic Eiffel tower, and climbed the nearly 700 steps to get the second floor but it all was worth the view. Afterwards, we visited the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Arc of Triumph. On Sunday the museums were free because they are always free the first Sunday of the month here in France. We tried to cover the most relevant work in two museums, Louvre and Orsay. One interesting thing is that getting close to the Mona Lisa required skills because it is overwhelming the crowd surrounding it at all times. It felt really special being able to get close to masterpieces of art that were done so many years ago.

Our biggest challenge here in France so far continues to be the food. It is extremely hard to find a budget food that could be considered a meal and is not a snack or appetizer. Most of the time our best bets are cold sandwiches and Mc Donalds which aren’t at the end that cheap neither. So far the French language barrier hasn’t been that bad because our limited language plus sign language seems to be working.

And continues raining here in Rennes...

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